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Apps2you is one of the first companies in the Middle East who has enrolled in the iPhone Development Program. Our expert team of mobile app developers offers their years of experience in creating wide spectrum of iPad and iPhone applications which are highly interactive and offer great user experience.



Developing with Java allows us to create diverse, feature-rich apps for BlackBerry smartphones. Whether we want to push data, use streaming media or GPS navigation, create games or extend enterprise services, the development tools are always available for BlackBerry in order to develop powerful, full-featured applications.

Blackberry Application Development is booming due to its flexibility of customized applications’ development for a range of industries and business needs.

Apps2you is a select RIM BlackBerry Alliance Member and thus built a strong professional relationship with BlackBerry, always updated about the latest technologies and newest releases. 



All our J2ME applications are compatible with any java handset or device. It provides a flexible environment for mobile applications. Java is known primarily as a server-side programming environment centered on the technologies that make up the Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE), such as Enterprise JavaBeans (EJBs), servlets and Java Server Pages (JSPs).

Apps2you has an extensive experience in J2ME Mobile Application Development.

Our J2ME Developers have a proficient expertise in creating applications, testing and porting to mobile devices. We are a strategic partner with Nokia Levant, we are one of the first publishers on Ovi stores; by maintaining this partnership, apps2you is always in the loop on the hottest releases and many more facilities.



Today, Android is making its place as a competitor in the mobile technology market. It is characterized by its ease of use and visibility to all developers, as well as being open source.

As apps2you is covering all categories and audiences in the market today, this kind of applications is a booming potential segment, efficient and is the best way to start developing custom applications using JAVA Programming Language.



Social Networks have quickly become the hype of our times. We all are aware of the impact of social media websites. A huge number of people have been participating in social media websites and this has resulted in increased investment in the growing field of social media marketing. A large number of small businesses today have started using social media ideas and strategies in their goals. This is for a number of reasons.
They are constantly proving to be among the most promising and effective means of marketing, by providing easy access to applications and features to the millions of their members.



HTML5 apps, also known as web apps, are taking the center of the stage by offering cross platform mobile app development solution; many opinions insist that it will change the vision of mobility in the future. At apps2you, we always keep an eye on the latest technological developments, and we build ressources over HTML5 developments,

Mobile web apps are built with the powerful HTML5 engine, allowing a neat native feel and function and can be accessed by any device with a web browser.

HTML5 apps are getting more popular among entreprises, since it's a cost efficient way allowing you to reach a wider audience. While HTML5 are more economic and cover a wider base, the fact is that they are not as neat as a native app.Apps2you offers a solution for cross platform moble app development, mixing both HTML5 and native technology to create native mobile apps for all platforms at a less cost.



Bulk SMS powers thousands of mobile marketing campaigns. There are other ways to do mobile marketing, but none of them offer the reach of simple, bulk SMS text messaging.

Having covered almost all aspects of Mobile Applications Development, and on all the available platforms and devices, apps2you goes a step further to offer its clients the ultimate Marketing and Advertising Tool: Bulk SMS Advertising and Bulk Messaging.

With our huge and diverse potential clients’ database, you can make sure your advertisement will reach the right audience at the right time.

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