Company Overview

Apps2you is one of the leading Mobile Software Development firms, that has been delivering new, innovative and unique applications for the local and global markets. Our unique approach in developing Mobile Applications 2 you, that converts your ideas into lively products, made us the pioneers of Mobile Application Development in Lebanon & the Middle East.

Apps2you, established in 2010, is powered by MT2, an “Application Service Provider”, “Content Provider” and “Consulting Firm” for Telecommunication Value Added Services (VAS). Through partnering relationships with a variety of companies, MT2 has accomplished 12 years of experience in VAS and Telecom Services. Its presence in the Market has spread across 18 countries throughout North America, Europe, North Africa & the Middle East.

Apps2you has the acquired team of professionals and the technology to develop mobile applications for any platform including BlackBerry®, iPhone, iPad, Nokia, and Android.


Our Team

Apps2you team is young, dynamic, and committed to deliver the best results, with the highest standards.

Ideas & Design: the research & creation team is a blend of people coming from different backgrounds from marketing, to design and branding, with the sole mission to come up with out of the box ideas and attractive designs for fresh interactive mobile applications.

Execution: the development team is composed of 16 superhero engineers, till today. They can develop any mobile application idea for all platforms: BlackBerry®, iPhone, iPad, Nokia, or Android, as well as Facebook apps.
Support: our job doesn’t end at delivering the app. We commit to position your app as a leader in all application stores: OVI (Nokia), AppStore (iPhone), Android Marketplace, and apps2you store (BlackBerry®).  We will also support your mobile marketing campaign with targeted bulk SMS & emails, and online digital campaigns.
In addition, we will give your team the needed technical training on all tools, interfaces, and CMS.
“Hard work is the main ingredient in our recipe, with a bit of tough spirits, some innovative ideas and dangerous thinking.”


Our Vision: apps2you...apps 2 everyone!

We aim to develop mobile applications targeting all audiences and covering all sectors and activities.


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