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Al Jazeera / Media
Al Jazeera English is an international news channel with over sixty bureaus around the world that span six different continents. Since being established in 2006, it has continued to grow in reach and popularity due to its global coverage, especially from underreported regions. The channel currently broadcasts to over 250 million households across 130 countries.
Cheyef Halak / Media
"Cheyef 7alak is a CSR campaign raising awareness and influencing behaviors for a social change. The heartbeat of the campaign lies online, and each participant-advocator of the cause- makes a positive difference against those foolish enough to believe they can outsmart the law. The idea behind the project is to engage Lebanese citizens in changing what they believe is wrong with their country and behavior. This citizen journalism campaign is the first of its kind in Lebanon, making the people a part of the change. The motto of the campaign is "If attention is what they’re looking for, why let them go unnoticed?? and its aim is to spot those people who pride themselves on their wrongdoings."
HIya / Media
Hia is the leading luxury lifestyle magazine. Hia produces content that is of both style & substance. The platforms are known to bring the latest fashion & beauty content to its visitors who are known to use it as a source of reference. We want the woman to feel empowered with her sense of style & knowledge that liberates her. We write for the modern woman who has a discerning taste in both beauty & style; she knows what she wants & it is the most sophisticated of items.
Telecom Review / Media
Telecom Review targets all the telecom industry seniors and executives, as well as those who have an interest in this field. Through its direct mail distribution to all high level management in the industry, including government officials and major bookstores, Telecom Review reaches everyone! Our readers include executives, operators, vendors and suppliers, in addition to business people who are directly and indirectly involved in the industry.
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