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American University of Beirut / Business
Founded in 1866, the American University of Beirut bases its educational philosophy, standards, and practices on the American liberal arts model of higher education. A teaching-centered research university, AUB has around 700 instructional faculty and a student body of around 8,000 students. The University encourages freedom of thought and expression and seeks to graduate men and women committed to creative and critical thinking, life-long learning, personal integrity, civic responsibility, and leadership.The University, which was granted institutional accreditation in June 2004 by the Commission on Higher Education of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools in the United States and reaffirmed in June 2009, includes six faculties: Agricultural and Food Sciences, Arts and Sciences, Engineering and Architecture, Health Sciences, Medicine (which includes the Rafic Hariri School of Nursing), and the Suliman S. Olayan School of Business
Beirut Marathon / Business
The Beirut Marathon Association (BMA) is a non-profit non-governmental organization registered under the Ministry of Youth and Sports whose vision is to become the leading running expert organization in the Middle East. Its races have become by far the biggest and most popular sports events in Lebanon. Attendance and participation in the Beirut Marathon races continue to grow annually, and they command the attention of national and international media. The Beirut Marathon Association was born out of one woman’s dream, a runner herself, who dreamed of bringing the running culture to Lebanon. After surviving a near fatal accident while running, May El Khalil brought the dream to life. From her hospital bed she oversaw the emergence of the Association she had aspired to create. Armed with determination, unwavering resolve, and the help of her family, friends, and a dedicated team of supporters from Lebanon and abroad, May succeeded in establishing one of the most successful running events in the region, the Beirut Marathon. On the morning of October 19th 2003, Lebanon witnessed a unique event in its history and hosted its first international Marathon.
Beiruting.com / Business
Beiruting.com is a website that gathers all clubbing fans and party goers in beirut as well as various other partying areas. It is the biggest and best online directory to discover Lebanon’s tourism and nightlife. Beiruting.com also offers a photo gallery, with the largest archive of the Lebanese nightlife events, and full information in regards to any of Beirut’s infamous night clubs, restaurants, bars, lounges, hotels, coffee houses and special event.
IktissadEvents / Business
The company began operations in 1979 with Al-Iktissad Wal-Aamal, a pan-Arab business and economic magazine covering the public and private sectors. The magazine was a pioneer in this endeavor and quickly gained favor among decision-makers in the region for providing an alternative to Arab readers with its audience-specific coverage. A subsequent goal of founder and general manager, Mr. Raouf Abou-Zaki, was to use this medium as a means of furthering direct ties with regional and international communities alike. In the early 1990's, the company launched a new business line of conferences and exhibitions to foster investment in the region. Among the first of these was the Arab Investment and Capital Markets conference, the regional success of which spurred a series of other topical conferences that cemented the Group’s reputation as the foremost planner and marketer of investment conferences in the region.
OLT 20 / Business
OLT 20 is the first weekly Official Lebanese Top 20, created by the established TV and radio personality John Saad. The Official Lebanese Top 20 provides the first 100% accurate Lebanese chart, on a weekly basis, through an exclusive partnership with Ipsos. Ipsos uses new reliable technology to track songs played on the radio, making the OLT 20 results collected from all the existing Arabic & Western radio stations in Lebanon, very reliable.
John Saad, Host
After a successful launch for the OLT20 Mobile Application; I would like to share with you that the number of downloads reached today 1,778 domestically! The OLT20 Mobile APP is now being used by 1,778 BlackBerry users domestically, to which you have to add more than 120 users regionally and internationally. Also note that these figures DO NOT include those who have downloaded the Application from the Official Lebanese Top 20 website (via their mobile phones).
RadioShack Lebanon / Business
RadioShack is the largest electronics distributor in the world. Daily, over one million customers buy from RadioShack stores that sum up to 7300 countries, with sales that are above 5 billion USD. RadioShack is a very high traffic generator due to its wide range of products that offer high selection opportunities to its customer. Our expertise RadioShack’s vision is to be the most powerful one-stop to connect people with modern technology’s wonders, while its mission is to demystify technology in every neighborhood. RadioShack' strategy is "you've got questions. We've got answers" The company values teamwork (professional sales people) lead by pride, trust, and integrity.
Roadster diner / Business
Roadster Diner is probably today’s number one diner and restaurant of Beirut city. The first outlet opened in Achrafieh in 1998. Roadster's good work and successful experience delivered over the years lead to the opening of many other branches: Beirut Delivery Center (1999), Jal el Dib outlet (2002), Downtown and Jounieh highway (2004), Hamra and City Mall diners (2005), ABC Dbayeh and Le Mall Sin el Fil (2009), and Verdun (2010).
Randa Daher, Marketing Manager
The application is a great tool for Rd lovers!. It gives customers full access to our delivery menu, the locations of all our branches, along with their phone numbers, as well as features like Call us, where customers can call any Roadster diner branch with the touch of a button, Tell-a-friend, which easily sends the application link to any of your contacts via SMS or email, Follow us, which links to Facebook and Twitter, and the ability to send us feedback.
Sukleen / Business
Sukleen is the urban cleaning company in Lebanon, and is all about keeping the cities clean - from streets and urban areas to parks and public spaces. Starting out in Beirut, they cover the greater Beirut area and most of Mount Lebanon, serving more than two million residents, every day, for over 15 years.
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