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Beesline / Health
Beesline, is a leading natural cosmetics brand that helps you take care of your skin and hair problems through the use of Apitherapy (beneficial honeybee by-products).
Hôtel-Dieu de France / Health
1888: Creation of the Faculty of Medicine of Saint Joseph University, following an agreement signed between the French government and the Jésuites Fathers. However, the faculty lacked a hospital for practice 1911: Under the leadership of R.P. Lucien Catin s.j. and on the initiative of the newspaper "The Times", the SPP in France, Syndicat de la Presse Parisienne launched a subscription to build the hospital on a land purchased by the French Government 1914-1918: World War One broke out and construction projects were immediately frozen 1922: General Gouraud laid the foundation stone and the construction started 1923: General Weygand, his successor, inaugurated Hôtel-Dieu de France, which opened its doors and admitted its very first patient 1965: Agreement between the Hospital and the Sisters of Saint Coeurs delegating them the task of nursing administration 1984: The hospital remained the property of the French State but its management was transferred to the Saint-Joseph University 2001: Inauguration of the central building which housed new hospitalization facilities and departments 2005: Inauguration of the private clinics’ tower 2010: Under the leadership of R.P. René Chamussy s.j., Rector of Saint-Joseph University, the hospital decided to adopt a new governance system to meet its challenges in a world of health permanently changing and growing. The HDF 2020, a ten-year project has been established
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