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Cedar Kiosk
Cedar Kiosk is the first digital news stand in Lebanon. At the click of a button it lets you flip through and read countless magazines and dailies published in Lebanon in Arabic, English and French. It’s the fastest and most cost effective way to satisfy your passion for Lebanese magazines and newspapers, plus the environment will thank you for going green! True innovation Cedar Kiosk is an innovative Lebanese mobile app, complete with a high-tech platform and simple and intuitive user experience. With Cedar Kiosk: - Search and browse more than (so far) 60 Lebanese Publications, there's something for everyone. - Read your content by downloading it - Browse the dynamic and easy to use app - Personalize your account and use it across all your platforms (tablet, mobile phone) - Build a virtual library with all your favorite Lebanese publications in one place - Archive of all previous issues - Buy via a One-click buying system - Purchase your magazines by issue or via one of our bundles


Release Date: 26 Nov 2014
Current version: 1.0
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