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The Arab Thought Foundation's annual conference FIKR App, is a unique App that presents the most current thinking and forum for debate about the Arab cultural, social and economic challenges and future aspirations. In line with the ATF goals of excellence, FIKR strives to continue to achieve recognition as the premiere conference in the region through offering discussion topics that are stimulating, timely and meaningful, on key strategic challenges and opportunities, strengthening relationships, and raising global awareness of the values and people of the region. The official FIKR app main goals are: -To create a unique and strategic opportunity, to all subscribers and fellows for networking and a deep exchange of ideas and experiences -To contribute to establishing a leadership position for Arabs to adopt a constructive approach in building their futures -To set a positive spirit to encourage intellectuals and youth to step in and lead the development process and forge solutions for the region to benefit future generations. -To seek greater and effective participation from the conference's attendees and engage them in the discussions, sharing of ideas and evaluation process -To improve access to knowledge and relationships and partnerships -To bring together intellectuals, decision-makers, thinkers, researchers, and representatives of the private sector; as well as civil society, media and youth along with their international counterparts. -Disseminate a compelling program content and agenda that are both stimulating and relevant for the Arab World -promote the exchange of information and provide valuable new ideas and initiatives, while strengthening relationships between speakers and participants -Incentivize attendees to provide feedback as it happens -Send out information quickly via push notifications. When it comes to important updates or exciting news, our attendees will always be in the know -Allow attendees to accelerate the popularity of FIKR through social sharing -Showcase sponsors, partners and speakers through advertisements and/or push notifications: promoted messages, sponsor directory, branded splash page, sponsored badges, push notifications… -Facilitate both digital and in-person networking within our event app. Attendees can connect with others based on interests, professional titles, and more


Release Date: 25 Nov 2013
Current version: 1.0

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