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Arope Insurance
Smart, practical, organized and personalized, this is what AROPE App is all about! Offering you one manageable and user-friendly interface, AROPE App features: My Vehicle: When to change oil? When to renew your driving license? Just enter all your vehicle’s info, your quick-service check-ups, your driving license details, and your accidents’ description and photos, and AROPE App will preserve your vehicle maintenance history and will remind you about check-ups and driving license renewal when due . Get complete history of imported cars through the CARFAX function. My Insurance: Whether you are an AROPE Customer or not, have all your insurance data accessible on the go: motor, life, medical, travel, and others, with renewal reminders, agent contacts, etc… My Emergency featuring your personal contacts in case of emergency, the Red Cross, the Police, etc… Useful Tools: Wondering if you got a speed ticket, or when is your mechanical inspection due? Where is the nearest gas station or hospital? Wonder no more with AROPE App, as all is accessible via your smartphone instantly! Our Solutions: The place to know everything about AROPE products and to easily get quotations in a click of a button. About Us: Get closer to AROPE by checking its history, latest news, branches, contact details and social media pages. AROPE App is FREE, download it now to your smart phone! It’ll be your favorite in no time!


Release Date: 18 Sep 2012
Current version: 1.0

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